The community in which your home is based in plays a pivotal role in your lifestyle. Here, you’ll find a common group of people sharing an area where you’ll all live in the comfort of your respective homes. Along with these residential properties inside Almiya, there are also the presence of various amenities that serve to improve your stay at home and transform your leisure time into something you have never experienced before.

First off, every basketball fanatic will fall in love with Almiya because there are several courts here. These basketball courts are exclusive for residents’ use and can be utilized any day of the week. To complete the overall look of this amenity, bleachers are also installed around the area for anyone who wants to watch an exciting game of ball. Of course, basketball isn’t the only use for these courts. It can also be used for special events or gatherings due to its spacious area. You can then call on your friends or loved ones for a quick game of basketball or to celebrate a very special milestone in your life.

Spending a whole weekend in a body of water and in the company of your loved ones is truly something to strive for. Unfortunately, going to the beach every weekend can be costly for you. Don’t worry because Almiya has a solution you’ll be glad to discover. Within the premises of this residential development, you’ll find a swimming pool you can use anytime. Just call on your family or friends, prepare some food, and the weekend you’ve been longing for can be yours whenever you want it.

When you step out of your house, you won’t be greeted by an unpleasant sight, lots of dirt, or people who might threaten your safety. Instead, you’ll see a linear park, lush greeneries, and landscaped areas all over Almiya. This helps lighten the mood around this residential development and makes it more conducive for your lifestyle. There’s also different walking and jogging trails here to give you a safe path to exercise in or whenever you feel the need to take a quick stroll.

Your community should not be something you’re scared of. In fact, it should help you and your family has a life worth living for. Here in Almiya, your sense of community is even made better with the inclusion of all these amenities. With the benefits these amenities bring to the table, Almiya is definitely the only choice if you are looking at a new place to call home.

  • Multi-purpose Courts with Bleachers
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Linear Park
  • Walking and Jogging Trails
  • Lush Greenary
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